My Second Confession: Why I Choose To Write About Down Syndrome

After writing my first post, “First Confession“, I was asked why I chose to write about Down Syndrome. Well, I’ve read the original blog of Confessions Of A Down Syndrome Daddy and I was honestly touched by it. I tried to revisit the website after a while and it was expired. I’ll choose not to name the family for privacy reasons and respect.

In order to understand why I chose to write about this subject other than continuing to raise the awareness of it, let me just give a brief background about me. I am from Hawaii and I have a business that offers tree removal services. Being born and raised here in Hawaii set me up with a loving foundation. There is special aura here in Hawaii that spreads love like no other place (as far as I know) – it’s called “Aloha”. I’ve been raised to love one another because as a whole, we are all the same. The way that we treat others, we are treating ourselves. And I guess that’s one of the unconscious reasons why I chose to write this blog, for the love for one another including the Down Syndrome population.

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First Confession…

Welcome to Confessions Of A Down Syndrome Daddy.

My name is Rick and my first confession is that I am not the original owner of this URL ( I am not associated with the original owner, the father of a child with DS, but with all due respect I’ll try to represent this informational blog about down syndrome as best as I can. I just found this domain name and thought it would fit perfectly with what I will strive to do – to spread the awareness of down syndrome.

Come back here as I will be constructing this blog and updating it ofte. Thank you and I’ll see you soon!