Just Like You…

People usually shy away from down syndrome diagnosed individuals. It’s because most people do not understand much about it. That’s usually the case for a lot of things in life. When people don’t understand things they stay away from it. It’s only when people are educated about the particular subject they would be more engaged.

With down syndrome this is the case. People shy away from down syndrome ¬†diagnosed people, including children. It’s because on the surface they “look different”. But they are unique individuals just like you are a unique individual with a different genetic makeup. If you take this perspective and learn a bit more about down syndrome (perhaps from here), then you’ll see that there are generally¬†just like you.

Now that sounded like an oxymoron when I say we are all unique and like each other. In order to understand¬†you must see the bigger picture. We are all unique in our very own ways, but as humans and being a part of this world, we are different “parts” that make up the whole.

So down syndrome individuals are just like you that makes up our society. When you get to understand that down syndrome people have more things in common than differences, you may have more inclination to not shy away from them.

This goes for not just DS individuals but for all of humanity. We need to stop comparing and judging against our differences, but compare our similarities. Respect what each individuals differences and compare similarities. If everyone were to do that, this world would be a better place.

Come back to learn more about how down syndrome individuals are just like you and me.

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