My Second Confession: Why I Choose To Write About Down Syndrome

After writing my first post, “First Confession“, I was asked why I chose to write about Down Syndrome. Well, I’ve read the original blog of Confessions Of A Down Syndrome Daddy and I was honestly touched by it. I tried to revisit the website after a while and it was expired. I’ll choose not to name the family for privacy reasons and respect.

In order to understand why I chose to write about this subject other than continuing to raise the awareness of it, let me just give a brief background about me. I am from Hawaii and I have a business that offers tree removal services. Being born and raised here in Hawaii set me up with a loving foundation. There is special aura here in Hawaii that spreads love like no other place (as far as I know) – it’s called “Aloha”. I’ve been raised to love one another because as a whole, we are all the same. The way that we treat others, we are treating ourselves. And I guess that’s one of the unconscious reasons why I chose to write this blog, for the love for one another including the Down Syndrome population.

I do a lot of reading and have delved into a wide array of subjects from psychology, metaphysics, spirituality, business, finances, etc. I just roll with the subjects. One subject that I delved into would lead me into another and so on.

But what that did for me, and I believe is the reason why reading is so important and powerful, is it allowed me to make connections that not much people I immediately know would understand. One example of this is my last post. It’s hard for a lot of people to understand and not understanding is one major problem that causes people to be negative towards people and things.

I feel that the blog that the father of a diagnosed Down Syndrome child wrote just wanted people to understand. It wasn’t to bring much attention to his family, but to contribute to the public awareness and understanding of Down Syndrome and the reality of what parents of DS children go through.

I decided to continue that by writing about it. My goal is to try to make the connections about the reality of DS with you so that instead of shying away from people born with DS, you’ll understand that they are just like you.

And ultimately, you’ll understand that “understanding” is the key to making this world a much better place…Understand?

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